Brew System

The Brewing setup started with three 35 gallon pots purchased from Amazon.

Next step.  Destroy 3 perfectly good pots by drilling holes in them.

Greenlee punches.  Such a magical device.  I was so lucky to find these on craigslist for cheap!!

A large order from and we were off to the races.

A few modifications, and a lot of welding…

These two ports on the mash tun was the best way I could think of to incorporate a RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System) system into the brewery.  The one port will be for recirculating the mash with an inline heater to maintain mash temperatures consistently throughout the mash.  The other will be for sparging.  The RIMS port will have a tube with large holes to allow for grain to pass through and not clog anything up.  The sparge arm will have smaller holes and provide an even distribution of water over the grain bed.  Both attachments have yet to be made.  This might be over-kill, who’s to say.  It was the only way it made sense to me.
Brew Kettle with tangential inlet.  The old bean can is doing a great job for back gassing.

Above: mash tun. Below is making of the false bottom.  I don’t have any pictures of cutting it out, but it started as a 3′ by 4′ perforated sheet.  It was cut out using a friends plasma cutter mounted still, and then rotating the sheet around.  I had to trim the sides a little with an angle grinder, and then weld on feet and a handle.

The legs I made by bending some stainless steel sheet metal I found at the scrap yard.  If you haven’t noticed yet, all the welding is done in my kitchen.  The welder is located in the “laundry/welder room”.  Ha!  I just wonder how much longer Nicole will put up with that kind of thing…  Any way back on task.  After all the welding was done I took them outside to dremel and polish the welds a bit.

All PPE was used.  I have had too much crap in my eyes and lungs in the past.  Actually i put the face mask on about half way in (don’t tell Nicole, she came home near the end of this and was glad I was wearing all that stuff).  So then time to clean up the kettles.

I used PBW and a scotch brite pad.  In hindsight I wish I used Barkeepers friend.  I might do that in the near future.

Here they are in all their glory:

Now that the kettles are all built, we need a brew stand to put them on.  I drew this up.

And then started building

I decided to add a dump system for the mash tun, so the mash tun is mounted on these two posts and can be easily tipped for emptying.

Here are the pots nestled nicely on their new home.

The next step is the brewcontroller.  It is only in the concept phase as this so far:


After drawing up the layout on the enclosure, I worked on cutting out the holes.

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