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Brew Pump

To start I had purchased a chugger pump with a stainless steel head.  First thing I did when I got it was take it apart.  Then drilled holes and tapped a couple tri-clamp caps to thread onto the pump head. Weld and grind. Then polish and sand. And finally reassemble….


Mash Paddle

Tonight I made a mash paddle out of a 4 ft. long piece of Red Oak. I routed all the edges for a nice smooth finish!  Now I have to wet it with hot water and let it dry out and sand it a few times to make sure it…


Keg Washing

We will be kegging Nicole’s pale ale on tuesday, so in order to get prepared for it, we needed to wash all our used kegs that have been piling up.  This job used to take a crazy long time, and was a pain in the cahoony, but with this home-made…



I was lucky enough to pick up a sweet kegerator this past fall for 400 bucks off craigslist.  It was posted in the evening, and I responded the next morning around 7:30.  I was super lucky to be the first responder and drove down to pick it up from about…


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