Keg Washing

We will be kegging Nicole’s pale ale on tuesday, so in order to get prepared for it, we needed to wash all our used kegs that have been piling up.  This job used to take a crazy long time, and was a pain in the cahoony, but with this home-made keg/ carboy washer things go pretty easy these days.  Of course while I was washing them I was thinking how much easier they are going to be with the automatic keg washer.

Here are all the kegs that needed a good cleaning.  You can see the pump with pvc and ball lock attachments on the left.

Here it is in the bucket, ready to rock and roll.
Keg being cleaned.  All the kegs are first cleaned with a solution of PBW for about 15 minutes. Then rinsed out by hand using the kitchen sink.  Then the pump and bucket are rinsed out and then filled up with iodophor sanitizer and I run each keg for about four or five minutes.  Then the lids are assembled back on and I fill up with co2 and they are ready for the next batch of beer!

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