I was lucky enough to pick up a sweet kegerator this past fall for 400 bucks off craigslist.  It was posted in the evening, and I responded the next morning around 7:30.  I was super lucky to be the first responder and drove down to pick it up from about an hour and half away that afternoon.  I probably have some pictures of it on the trailer somewhere…  Today I cleaned it all up and plugged it in to crash cool Nicoles pale ale she made two weeks ago.  It also freed up some of the space in our kegerator in the house by putting in some of the beer we bottled and a few mason jars of washed yeast ready for the next pitching.

This is our in house kegerator.  I made this about 7 years ago from a free upright freezer and some parts from a broken kegerator I got from a restaurant my father got to demollish with some heavy equipment.  That job must have been almost as much fun as brewing beer!  The nitro tap in the center is the newest addition to the kegerator and was the only real cost in the setup.  That was installed a year to a year and a half ago.

Here is the new kegerator, doing an in between job of just a cold storage space buying time in the crawlspace until it can be moved into it’s new home.  In the carboys in the background are as follows.  On the left is a belgian sour with raspberries, aging about 9 months now, and on the right is a blackberry wine that has been aging about a year and a half.  I really want to put the blackberry wine in a keg and make a sparkling wine out of it.

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