Modifying sanke fittings for keg washer

Today as a side project I decided to take a couple of sanke fittings and modify them for use in the keg washer.  What was needed to be done is removing the check valve on the line out of the fittings, and drill out the gas in side to a full 1/2″ bore.  When using these fittings in the keg washer, the cleaner/ sanitizer/ rinse/ purge actually go into the keg through the line out side.  Being how the kegs are upside down during their cleaning, the solution will hit the “top” (actually the bottom) of the keg and then cascade down the sides.  Everything then has to go through the “gas in” side of the sanke coupler to be either returned to the respectful tank, or dumped down the drain.  In order to make the return flow as less restrictive as possible, the gas side of the coupler has to be drilled out to allow for maximum flow.  Here are a few pictures of the process.

After disassembly, I opened up the port.

Using a dremel I took out the majority of the metal protruding into the main opening.  After the dremel I used a round file to clean everything up nicely.

Here you can see the difference the hole size.  Quite a difference.

Finished product.  ready for our first keg washing!!!!  Well, after the rest of the system is done of course.

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